Are you thinking of starting a new business? Or perhaps you’ve been operating for a while but now realize you should create a legal entity to protect yourself?

If you’ve decided to form a corporation or LLC, you’re on the right track. But did you know each state has its own laws governing legal entities? Where you choose to incorporate can drastically affect your fees, legal safeguards, and privacy.

Are you ready to learn how to protect yourself (and your business)? Read until the end for some helpful images showing different asset protection strategies.

Let’s dive in!

Can I Organize My Corporation or LLC in Another State?

Let’s start with…

Finding balance on top of a rock. Living a balanced life is overrated.

What do you want to get out of life? What motivates you? Athletic accomplishment? Academic achievement? Strong relationships? All of the above?

The thing is, you can’t have it all. Not if you want to be great.

The Traditional Concept of Staying Balanced

When a typical balanced life comes to mind, I think of working 40 hours per week, exercising 30 minutes every three days, and eating the standard American diet. You know, someone normal.

The balanced individual doesn’t do anything to excess, following the Middle Way whenever possible. Here are some examples of what a moderate man or woman would probably not do:

  • Work 100…

I don’t usually write about politics.

I have enough to deal with. At this particular moment, I’m trying to figure out how to live in the same country as my fiance. I’ve started a job search. I’m going blind. I have quite a full plate.

What I don’t have to worry about, however, is going for a run and getting murdered. I won’t have trouble paying my rent this month. Getting attacked by police isn’t on my list of concerns.

So, why should I do anything?

Why I’ve Remained Complacent

Even as I see riots on the streets of my childhood, hear that my…

Photo: premat/Getty Images

A few tears slid down my face as I walked through the crisp air back to my Los Angeles apartment on the night of January 2, 2018. After work, I’d stepped into LensCrafters to get a prescription for new glasses, and I came out with a life-altering diagnosis.

“Retinitis pigmentosa,” the doctor informed me. “It’s a genetic condition,” she continued. “You’ll steadily lose your peripheral vision over the coming years.”

When I asked the all-important question, the response was unsettling. “Yes, you could go completely blind.”

Not exactly the news I was hoping to hear.

All sorts of things started…

After turning the pages to 92 books in 2019, I’ve decided to list ten titles that had the most impact. To be clear, most of these books weren’t all written in 2019 — I just happened to pick them up in this glorious year. The books are in the order I read them.

Antifragile — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“My idea of a modern stoic sage is someone who transfers fear into prudence, pain into information, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking.”

Antifragile is Taleb’s manifesto on probability, decision-making, and resilience. He describes how we can create lives that are less likely to collapse when…

When you start planning a vacation, you face a stampede of choices. Domestic or international? What sort of climate? Should you stay in a hostel, hotel, or apartment? The possibilities are endless.

You open guidebooks, Instagram, Tripadvisor, and an avalanche of other resources. Enlisting a small army of browser tabs, you scour the internet to find all the best restaurants, monuments, and experiences. With a world of possibilities, you take your time to evaluate them all. The search is exhausting but intoxicating. You’re on the road to freedom.

The first day of vacation is pure bliss. After you’ve navigated highways…

What’s the secret to success? Many of us work as hard as possible to get ahead. We work longer hours, go to the gym every day, and take on an endless list of responsibilities. The harder we work, the more we achieve, right?


In Peak Performance, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness explain the science of growth-both physical and mental. There’s more to success than merely putting in the hours. In this article, you’ll learn how to perform at your highest level.

The Formula For Success

According to Stulberg and Magness, two-thirds of American workers don’t take a lunch break. While you might be…

Do you want to take a trip to a city of magic and romance? Amsterdam is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, and for good reason.

If you only have one day in Amsterdam, don’t worry. We have you covered. Follow this guide to enjoy a day filled with classic (and diverse) experiences.

Take a Cruise on the Canals

Amsterdam’s network of canals is one of its most distinctive features. You’ll be able to see the waterways when walking around the city. However, there’s nothing like taking a cruise. You’ll see beautiful architecture, unique houseboats, and maybe even a floating concert!

Choose between a…

The view from my apartment.

Have you ever thought about leaving your job and starting a new life? Perhaps you’re tired of your routine, looking for something better. Something new.

Eight months ago, I quit my life of lawyering to go on an adventure. I’ve traveled across South America and finally put down roots in Manizales, Colombia.

It’s been quite an adventure.

In case you’re considering a leap of faith, I thought it would be helpful to review some pros and cons of living as an expat.

Pros of Living Abroad

  1. You’ll learn a new language. By living in a foreign country, you’ll start to learn the local language…

How do you approach aging? Do you greet each birthday with a smile? Are you afraid of becoming a senior citizen? Maybe you don’t think about it at all. Old age is a long way off.

No matter how old you are, it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. In this article, we’ll review some simple ways to keep you healthy as you age. We’ll also discover that you don’t need to be afraid of getting older. In many ways, the best is yet to come.

How Smiling Can Keep You Alive

We’re going to start with an easy one.

A genuine smile…

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